I can remember every second of my first day as a copywriter. I was hooked away at the very moment of realizing my job was to present ideas through crafting experiences. But once my messages started floating through oceans and flying to media channels as big as Blasting News, far beyond any borders I’ve imagined working within, that’s when I felt like finding my destiny.

During the years I had the honor to work with and be inspired by some of the most well-known names in the business & tech industries like Visteon, VMware, Aon, Upnetix, and DigitalK. Such projects helped me dive deeper and gain substantial expertise in areas like content mapping, psychographic targeting, UX design, and technical copywriting. 

I feel like there’s much more to be discovered, learned and shared, that marketing needs to understand human complexity deeper and shift to become an interconnection with consumers based on real lasting experiences.

What makes me unique is my nature of authenticity-hunter that finds inspiration in everyday stories. This helps me present my clients to the world in the most captivating yet realistic way possible, as an information-eating-animal that lives on tales. 

Being a victim of the idea-generation-obsession, I also like working on a wide range of projects. Call me a “madman”, but I always meet a new challenge with open arms.

Content Strategy
Web Copywriting
Service Design
​Prodcut Develipment
Technical Writing
Creative Concepts
UX Writing
Ghost Writing
Voice over Copywriting

I am currently based in one of the most extravagant urban cultures around Europe – Sofia, Bulgaria. However, being a child of the world, I tend to work on various projects virtually EVERYWHERE!

Being a social maniac, I would love to meet you in the digital world, as well:

Would you like to work side by side and inspire each other on the road ahead? Give it a go, contact me and let's tell the story of your tomorrow together!     

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