Commercials, Animations, Infographics, Music Videos

Being one of the most exciting aspects of my work screenwriting is not just about the ability to create a good story with the right words. It is a whole new world, which gives one the opportunity to present a story in the most compelling way possible, to dream, create universes and expand your ideas outside the capabilities of imagination. It's pure and complete art and a MUST for every modern brand!

Featured Projects

Vsichki Uslugi
Ad; Web Video
​Screenwriter & Lyric Writer
VsichkiUslugi is an innovative platform that gives its customers the chance to search for or offer certain services. The challenge was to make a video that would target as many people as possible and generate traffic to the platform. Listening to Queen and riding my bike through the city I came with the idea to make a commercial with lots of music and a fun element, presenting the most searched professions in the region.
Animation; Web Video
An innovative platform that sells bus tickets online needed to tell its story to the world in an informative but in the same time engaging manner. This is how the tale about the difference between the old and the new was born.

Visteon - Great Engineers
Web Video; Recruitment Video; Ad
A recruitment video made for Visteon. Its main purpose was to present the company in a rather interesting way without presenting the applicants with unrealistic expectations. Instead of showing what it's like to work in Visteon, we decided to show how it feels. And what a better way to do that than to turn a casual interview into a day on the race track. 
Aon Superheroes
Web Video; Ad;
Aon Bulgaria needed a video to present their company for its 15th anniversary. In order to create something interesting, we asked them to send us any information about their leading employees outside the office. After reviewing it we knew: these people were true superheroes and we only had to show their superpowers!